Optical Brinell Hardness Testers

Optical Brinell Hardness Testers
  • These machines are very useful where high production is required.
    In these models loading is Hydraulic. It is having a built - in optics with large screen which helps in quick measurement of indantation diameter.

  • Krystal hardness Testers of KB - 3000 (0) are designed and developed after years of experience in this field.All models are manufactured under strict quality control at all manufacturing stages.
  • All these models are suitable for testing hardness of Metals and alloys of all kinds.
  • All types of shapes, i.e.Round, Flat, and other irregular shapes like castings etc. can be tested on these machines. All relevant fixtures can also be supplied.
  • These Testers are simple in design, easy to operate and maintain.
  • All Krystal make hardness testers meet relevant National and International standards such as ASTM - E10, BS 10003- 2, IS - 2281 - 1983 etc.

Technical Specification :

Model KB 3000 (O)
Loads kgf 500 to 3000 in stages of 250
Pre Load kgf 250
Max. Test Height mm 365
Depth of Throat mm 200
Depth of screw below base mm 200
Size of Base mm 400 X 720
Machine Height mm 1220
Nett Weight kg 500
Drive Motor HP 0.33
Main Supply V/H2/ph 400-440/50/3


Model KB 3000 (O)
Flat Testing Table 200 mm ø 1 pc
Testing Table 70mm ø 'V' Grooved 1 pc
Ball Holder 5 mm 1 pc
Ball Holder 10 mm 1 pc
Test Block HB - 5 / 750 Or 
HB - 10 / 3000
1 pc
Allen Spanner   4 pcs
Telescopic Cover   1 set
Instruction Manual   1 book